International Sports Arbitration

Since 2014 Dr. Dominik Kocholl is a member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS/TAS), the sport’s highest tribunal which is regularly named as the “Supreme Court of Sports”. According to the Swiss Federal Tribunal and the German BGH in the Pechstein case TAS/CAS is a genuine arbitral tribunal (echtes Schiedsgericht).

Usually he sits and decides in panels of three arbitrators. However in “smaller” cases he is also prepared to work as a sole arbitrator.

In addition he serves as an arbitrator at the German DIS-Sportschiedsgericht, where he is listed also as a member of the closed list for doping matters.

Dr Dominik Kocholl @ TAS_CAS_SAV Conference in Lausanne

Selected CAS-Cases and link to CV:

  • Football (League Licensing together with Insolvency issues; Termination of Employment Contracts – with or without just cause in relation to players and coaches), Transfer Agreements – Club v. Club, Club v. Association, Coach v. Association
  • Anti-Doping, Re-Test regarding Summer Olympic Games 2008
  • Athletics (IAAF)

Published cases where Dr. Dominik Kocholl was a member of the panel

  • CAS Award 2017/A/5205 “FC Koper v. Football Association of Slovenia (NZS – Nogometna zveza Slovenije)” – see more
  • CAS Award 2016/A/4839 “Anna Chicherova v. International Olympic Committee ( IOC)” – see more

All cases not published according to the CAS Code and/or agreement by the parties involved are confidential.

Dr. Dominik Kocholl