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Sport without Law does only exist in places, where there are less than two human beings.

We understand your needs and speak the same language, for we live for the same industry: Sports. We regard the law as a tool for securing and enhancing your success using pragmatic and innovative solutions.

Personal contact and service is guaranteed. We will decide jointly on strategy and tactics within complex trials and negotiations. I will communicate efficiently and will answer your questions.

Dr. Dominik Kocholl –

Success through Expertise, International Experience and Dedication.

Your Perfect Success

You are a Diamond

Also Diamonds, Athletes, Coaches, Sponsors, Clubs., Associations, SGBs, Event Organisers, Anti-Doping-Organizations, Sport Departements, Managers, Medical Staff need legal advice and representation from time to time. It’s just part of the sporting life and everyday’s business.

Brainstorming and Research

Sometimes I need to enjoy a storm in my windsurf sail and some waves to readjust my brain. Brainstorming and detailed research and efficient education will be dealt with all the other days.

Attorney-at-law and Arbitrator

After many years as an Athlete and Assistant Professor working in the field of International Sports Law and International Arbitration I have a broad experience in cross-boarder proceedings and transactions.


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