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Through his academic research and his academic lectures, through all the cases handled so far and through the work as a member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS/TAS), where up until June 2019 he had the priviledge to decide International Sports Law cases on a regularly basis, Dr. Dominik Kocholl found his love for Sports Law as an area of International Business Law.

Further he has lived the life of an international athlete (Swimming, Olympic Sailing) himself for about two decades, so he learned many aspects of success in sports and sports management first hand.

He advises clients from around the globe with their contracts, disputes and interests. As an Attorney-at-law he represents the interests of his clients at all Austrian Courts and Sport Tribunals, now including the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS/TAS) where he can draw upon his recent experiences as an arbitrator. Dominik Kocholl has an impressive knowledge of international sport law and his understanding of the complex legal and regulatory frameworks is second to none.

He has amended sports governing body’s disciplinary procedures and regulations and regularly advises athletes, drafts contracts or helps out giving contracts their intended effect. His practice covers all areas of sports law, including disputes and commercial matters. Much of the firm’s expertise and experience has been gained through the various positions Dr. Dominik Kocholl has held so far.

Selected Cases @ CAS/TAS etc:

  • Football (League Licensing together with Insolvency issues; Termination of Employment Contracts – with or without just cause in relation to players and coaches), Transfer Agreements – Club v. Club, Club v. Association, Coach v. Association
  • Anti-Doping, Re-Test regarding Summer Olympic Games 2008
  • Athletics (IAAF)
  • Contracts for organisers of big (multisport) events
  • Sponsoring contracts, various contracts with Athletes

Expert for Mountain Sports and Water Sports Law cases

  • Skiing and avalanche accidents, Freering
  • Legal Advice for Ski Areas and other ourdoor firms
  • Climbing, Mountaineering
  • Sailing, Windsurfing (both including competitions)

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